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Welcome to Harris County Municipal Utility District #186.

If you have come to this web site seeking information, the District hopes this design will allow for quick and easy access to information and answers. The large amount of varied information is outlined below. If curiosity is your primary reason for finding us, after all “What is a MUD?” is a very good question, we hope that the following pages will be of interest - and interesting to you.

The District’s objective is to provide the residents and commercial establishments, OUR CUSTOMERS, with a continuous supply of quality drinking water, a safe sewer system, excellent service to our customers and good budgetary management for the present and the future. The District has the utmost confidence in and appreciation for its top-notch consultants who serve MUD #186 with dedication, knowledge, and hard work. Just a few of the many activities necessary to provide water include: the drilling of wells; building and maintaining water and waste water transmission lines; constructing and maintaining water plants for storage, pressurization, and disinfection; building and maintaining waste water treatment plants; and continuing the downstream cycle through planning and committing to reclaiming waste water for irrigation purposes.

It is a fascinating and essential utility. Again, welcome!


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